Hortasorb - Water Retention & Bonding Gel

Click to enlarge12 ounces of this amazing powder mixed with water, forms up to 30 gallons of slurry-like gel that has three perfect applications for transplanting and establishing moss.

1. Keeping moss moist following transplanting - The water management gel is proving itself highly-effective for helping to retain moisture beneath newly transplanted moss in areas where regular watering or misting will be difficult.

Just scratch the powder into the soil - one pound will cover up to 300 square feet. Once the moss has been pressed firmly into position, soak the area thoroughly to activate the gel beneath the moss. 1-2 spoonfuls per quart of room temperature water is all that is needed to activate the gel.

Click to enlarge2. Creating a moss "slurry" - Transplanting entire sections of moss is still by far our most recommended and consistently successful transplanting technique for moss, but Hortasorb is ideal for creating a moss "slurry" in the blender, and simultaneously acting as a water retention medium, keeping the small moss fragments moist while they begin to grow.

This method is utilized for rocks and boulders, for very large areas of soil surface (thousands of square feet), or if cost is an issue and a potentially lower rate of success is acceptable. It also takes longer for the moss to become fully established.

3. Establishing moss on vertical surfaces - This gel also lends itself well to beautifying vertical surfaces. Moss enthusiasts can now cultivate lush, green textured moss on walls and rocks in the shade.

Not only does the powder (when mixed with water) form a gel that provides more consistent moisture to the moss fragments, but the introduction of a spoonful or two into the moss/water/buttermilk or beer mixture in the blender, creates a gel-like substance that when smeared onto a vertical surface, keeps it stuck in place even during heavy rains.

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Traditional "slurry" methods have provided minimal to moderate rates of success for moss enthusiasts looking to grow moss over large, shaded woodland areas, on vertical surfaces, or on rocks. This rate of success can now be greatly enhanced by adding a water-retention gel to the mix.

The benefits of this gel are two-fold. First, it helps provide more consistent moisture, which is crucial for establishing moss on any surface, particularly vertical surfaces. Second, the introduction of "gel" into the slurry makes it adhere much better to smooth or vertical surfaces.

In a blender simply mix the following components:

- 1 part moss
- 1.5 parts water (not too cold)
- 1-2 spoonfuls of gel powder
- cup of buttermilk or beer, or 2 spoonfuls of Liquid Sulfur or Aluminum Sulfate

Set the blender to "pulse" and/or continue to turn the power off and on to sufficiently "chop" up the moss into small fragments and blend the mixture (with the blender in the off position you may need to use your hand to re-orient the mixture in the blender and then start it again to mix it properly. Within 2-5 minutes the gel will set, and a thick, applesauce-like gel will be formed. If the mixture is too runny, just add more powder and mix again.

The best mosses to use for this application are Hypnum / Fern Moss (sold at lower costs in "bulk" on this website), Rock Cap Moss (also available through Moss Acres), and any mosses found growing locally in the area. Obviously, moss does not to be watered as frequently with the use of Hortasorb water retention gel.



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