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Green Roof ConsultantsMany people who plan on building a new home, office or other structure are familiar with the potential environmental disaster which is modern roofing. Most modern roofing materials are expensive, toxic, and produce large amounts of pollution. They even can pollute our water, as they pour thousands of gallons of rainwater into our sewers. They are as much an environmental detriment as they are an eyesore, and they contribute to runoff pollution. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem: green roofing.

Green roofing involves coating the roof first with rubber (EPDM) membrane and then a series of drainage layers and specially engineered and lightweight soil medium.  Finally, low maintenance plants such as sedums (sun) or moss (shade) are utilized in lieu of asphalt, tar, gravel, or other non-living substrates. Green roofing is a developing field. Anyone looking into it should consider talking to certified green roof consultants to learn about the benefits of the green roof system. They will quickly find out that green roofing can benefit not only the home-owner, but the environment, and is becoming a rapidly popular form of home improvement. Green roofs help reduce pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide in the air and filtering out many particulates and other pollutants; then emitting oxygen in its place.

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Moss Acres offers two varieties of moss to cover your roof. Very little maintenance is required for this type of plant to flourish, so you won’t need a green thumb to maintain your green roof. We also have access to green roof consultants who are available to assist you with any questions if the need should arise. They are trained experts in providing information you may need to ensure that your green roof will reach its fullest potential.

Any green roof consultant will be eager to tell you that green roofs also add color and originality to your home or office. It is, after all, like a second lawn. It will grow and change with the seasons. Our green roof consultants are happy to help you find out if your roof needs additional reinforcement or other add-ons for support. However, most moss covered green roofs are actually quite light, and most roofs capable of supporting snow can also support a green roof covered with moss, as only 2” of roofing aggregate are needed.

Green roof consultants can also help construction companies and developers by developing unique looking and environmentally friendly houses. The cost of your green roof is merely an investment. Ask your green roof consultant about how a green roof can potentially pay itself off by decreasing your heating and cooling cost, and preserving the structure of your original roof. It saves you money by eliminating the cost of up keep for a traditional roof, like resealing or re-shingling. After all, a green roof has no shingles!

Green roofs last longer, and have fewer leaks or problems with rot compared to traditional roofs, as the wood underneath stays dry at all times. The benefits of green roofs are high, and those willing to accept this new roofing solution will find that they are more than just a unique fad – they simply make sense.

For help designing and specifying the underlying elements of a green roof, Moss Acres recommends Roofscapes, Inc. a green roof engineering, design and installation firm with expertise in civil engineering, roof gardening, roofing and waterproofing. Since its inception about a decade ago, Roofscapes, Inc. has been committed to developing performance-based specifications for green roofs designed to perform. Roofscapes selects and sources products that will best optimize the performance and aesthetic of the entire green roof system, and provides both design consulting or design/build services.

Contact us to discuss moss as a green roof plant, for help in selecting and specifying moss and other companion “ingredients” for starting a moss roof, and to find out about water-retention and tacifying agents that will help improve the early success of your moss roof.



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