Green Roofs

Spring House Green RoofUsing green roofs on our homes and offices is just one way to be environmentally friendly by cooling buildings in summer, insulating them in winter, and reducing storm water run-off.   What is a green roof? Let's take a closer look and see what a green roof is and how the use of one can help us all live more sustainably.

What are Green Roofs?

To put it simply, green roofs are exactly what they sound like - roofing structures that uses vegetation to cover over the roof of a home or commercial building.  Moss Acres offers an extensive style, low profile moss based green roof. This means that there are fewer, lighter weight layers which are typically less expensive and more easily maintained. We suggest using our pre-ground hypnum moss or rock cap moss. Neither of these types of moss require a lot of attention to flourish once established. Just regular watering for the first three months. These mosses prefer shade, can endure extreme temperatures and require very little water once established to survive. If there happens to be a drought or it gets very cold, the moss will go into a dormant state and preserve itself for weeks or months at a time.

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Is a Green Roof Expensive?

Green roofs are environmentally friendly, and depending on design details, and vegetation type, cost varies. However when the long term savings associated with the reduction in heating and cooling costs, storm water run-off, and roof life expectancy (2x with a green roof) are factored, the cost of a green roof is considerably less over the long term than conventional roofing materials. This makes considering a green roof a wise choice when planning your roofing project.

What about maintaining my Green Roof?

Your green roof will require regular watering initially. But with moss, once it establishes itself and stabilizes, the frequency of natural rainfall should be enough to keep these green roofs comprised of moss healthy. Flooding and over watering are not a problem either, as green roofs are designed to allow for proper drainage. Moss, because it has no true roots and receives all its nutrients and moisture from the rain and air, will not require any fertilizing or additional watering to survive once established.

Will having a Green Roof cause damage to my existing roof?

The answer is absolutely not. Green roofs are designed with a protective rubber (EPDM) membrane that preserves the existing roof from leaks and damage. You can have a beautiful, environmentally friendly, natural roof without worry.

What are the advantages of having a Green Roof?

ECOLOGICAL- With green roofs there are several ecological advantages. Some of these are storm water management capacity, and green roofs provide a habitat for various wildlife species.

1. Storm water management capacity - This helps the environment by lessening run off, thus lessening drain water to our sewage systems. The vegetation absorbs pollutants from rain water making drainage that does occur safer for the environment.

2. Providing a habitat for wildlife - Green roofs can be designed to attract beneficial insects, birds, bees and butterflies. Green roofs are not intended as a replacement for natural areas, but can provide some relief to urban ones.

3. Pollution absorption/entrapment – The nooks and crannies present in moss are ideal for trapping, holding, and absorbing many fine airborne particulates and pollutants. Moss also has antimicrobial properties, so it can also help in destroying harmful bacteria and fungus.

4. Provide cooling effect for urban and suburban environments.

Green Roof5. Economic - Energy costs can be greatly reduced with the installation of a green roof. They also provide acoustic insulation helping to reduce noise levels inside your building. Green roofs also help with insulating properties during winter and summer.

6. Aesthetic - The visual appeal of green roofs make installation worthwhile. These visual effects can also create a conversation piece that is beyond compare. With green roofs, commercial properties are no longer an eyesore. Roofing designs can blend into natural surroundings.

Psychological - Humans respond positive to the color green. This is due to the fact that green is the neutral color on the color spectrum, thus naturally relaxing the eye. This makes a green roof appealing to ones psyche. Green roofs also offer a sense of community which is a great psychological advantage, especially when several people in an area share similar roofing designs. A green roof can be a lovely respite from dull everyday visuals.

Is a Green Roof right for me?

When choosing to replace or build a new roofing structure, one really should consider a green roof. This is a cost effective, visually pleasing, and an environmentally friendly solution. Green roofs offer a direct connection to the natural world, helping to involve people in nature and make them more conscience of their natural surroundings. See our green roof consultants to learn how to get started.



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