Green Wall Technology

Moss Acres is currently experimenting with ways to utilize moss for vertical gardens and walls.

Moss is an ideal covering for vertical surfaces and a logical choice for a vertical garden for many reasons:

  • A vertical garden comprised of moss is lightweight, so the amount of structural support is reduced.
  • Vertical gardens blanketed in moss require no fertilizing, chemicals or trimming.
  • A vertical garden wall covered with moss can be economical, easy to install, and low maintenance.
  • Moss thrives in lower light levels – typical of many green wall locations.

The compact growth habit and vivid, yet soothing colors of moss greatly enhance the visual dynamics of any vertical garden project.

Once in place, a vertical garden comprised of moss could potentially have ferns and other accent plantings added, but in many settings, it will be the simplicity of a blanket of moss all by itself that most enhances a vertical garden, and really catches the eye.

Moss Acres is working diligently to provide additional information and potential systems and techniques for utilizing moss for green wall projects. Please check back with our website or call for updates.



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