Unfortunately Moss Acres is not in a position to guarantee the survival of moss that it ships to various locations. The reasons we can't do this are rather obvious: We have no control over where and how the moss is being planted. We also have no control over frequency of watering, soil pH, etc.

We do however promise to do everything possible on our end to ensure that the moss you receive is of the finest quality, and has the greatest chance for transplant success and long-term survival when it arrives. Hopefully it is also apparent that we provide significant amounts of information about gardening with moss upfront so that our customers will be armed with the most updated information as to what to expect when it comes to establishing moss gardens.

For large projects that involve hundreds or thousands of square feet of moss, we suggest a trial shipment of a 100 square feet or so. This is recommended to make sure that the moss will thrive in its' new location prior to shipping in large quantities.

See also: our return policy

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