How to grow moss on patio

Fern Moss Shade Garden - Click to EnlargeWe get asked this question so many times we felt compelled to answer this in a bit more detail. So how to grow moss on patio? It’s actually quite easy if you have the one critical element – shade. The mosses offered by Moss Acres are shade loving in nature, and the "boss of moss" for patios is hypnum / fern moss. Having said this, hypnum / fern moss can tolerate some sun, provided it isn’t sustained afternoon sun.

Hypnum / fern moss is a low growing "carpet" moss that is well suited for a patio area, and will take some foot traffic. By simply cutting the sections of hypnum / fern moss into strips, these can then be placed onto the pre-moistened bare soil areas in the gaps between flagstone, stepping stones, pavers, or bricks. Press firmly and then water well, but don’t allow standing water – this can rot the moss.

Moss Acres recently donated hypnum moss to the “This Old House” show for the segment: How to lay a bluestone patio – view the project here:,,20282557,00.html

Over time the moss may creep somewhat over the stones in your patio, and it is at this time you can consider how much you want to let it spread. Just remember in the fall to remove the leaves from the patio area, as these can rot the moss over time.

So there you have it – now you know how to grow moss on patio.

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