Landscape design ideas and uses for moss

  • Rock Gardens
  • Water Garden Ponds
  • Shaded Slopes
  • Japanese Garden
  • Patios / Pathways
  • Naturalized Areas
  • Wildflower Companion
  • Boulders / Rooves
Because of its' low profile growth habit, Fern Moss (Thuidium) makes an excellent alternative groundcover for shady "lawn" areas or pathways where it is difficult to grow grass. The neatly tailored look that Hypnum / Fern Moss provides is perfect for accentuating and showcasing many smaller woodland shade gardening plants and ferns that grass would obscure.

For an "instant" effect, these moss plants are available by the square foot or, if time is not a concern, in smaller pieces by the cubic foot - a technique that requires small plugs or ground moss to be spread out over the soon to be moss garden area, and allowed to grow together over time.

Hypnum / Fern Moss and Rock Cap Moss (Dicranum) can also be used to add color and interest to the tops of rocks, boulders, or walls, or as a complement to water garden ponds.

Haircap Moss (Polytrichum) and Cushion Moss (Leucobryum) are sold by the clump, and provide exceptional contrast in color, texture and growth habit. They are idyllic when used in rock garden design, Japanese rock gardens, with rock garden boulders, water gardens, or in conjunction with much flatter growing Hypnum / Fern Moss.

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