Moss Mats... for living walls. Moss Acres expects to have a very limited supply of pre-grown moss mat systems for applying to vertical wall surfaces (outdoors for the moment) or on roofs by late spring 2012. Please email us at regarding the specifics for your project and how many square feet you might need - we will contact you in advance of when we have moss ready for shipment.

Supplies are very limited, thus we are looking to fill smaller size orders for now - 150 sq. ft or less to start is preferred - or we can break the project into phases as more moss is available in this format. We actually prefer this at this juncture as we are still in experimental mode.

For now you can also simply order "blank" moss mats from Moss Acres (below) and then lay sections of our moss directly on the mats and let them fill in, or inoculate with our pre-shredded moss, or just let nature take over with spores.

If you are obsessed by the above photo, we can tell you that the best way to achieve this sort of look, would be to order blank mats from us, affix cushion moss to the mats with pins and/or fishing line and then go vertical, making sure you have a way to keep a fogger or mistesr going and have a good amount of shade, Ideally the mats would be acclimated for a period of 2-3 months in a horizontal position so the cushions of moss clumps could begin to bond to the mats.

For some additional ideas on how to use moss, this is great site:


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