Moss Mats... for living walls.

Moss Acres will have pre-grown moss mat systems for applying to vertical wall surfaces (outdoors or indoors w/ grow lights) or for green roofs by spring 2017. Please email us at regarding the specifics for your project and how many square feet of moss mats you might need - we will then get back to discuss in more detail.

Our moss mats are specifically designed to be incredibly easy to install, low maintenance, visually soothing, and perhaps best of all, they can be installed for around 1/4 the cost of conventional living wall systems!

New for 2017 ! - Our new pre-grown moss mats for moss walls are a blend of shade loving and sun tolerant mosses so they can be installed almost anywhere! A fogging system for the top of the moss wall keeps the moss looking lush. During winter in northern climates the watering system is simply drained and the moss on the wall remains perfectly alive and well in a dormant state.

For an even lower cost option simply order "blank" moss mats from Moss Acres and then lay sections of our moss directly on the mats and let them fill in, or inoculate with our pre-shredded moss and all natural adhesive - Moss Tac.

Moss walls offer many benefits that conventional living wall systems do not:

  • - Lightweight
  • - No fertilizing, chemicals, pruning or weeding.
  • - Ease of Installation
  • - Less Materials
  • - Low Cost

Click here for pricing and more information about moss walls. Supplies of our moss mats are somewhat limited, so be sure to secure your order sooner than later for your living wall project.

New Product!
The Ultimate Low Maintenance, Drought Tolerant Lawn!
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