Moss for Terrariums

Moss Acres offers a special kit containing three varieties of live moss for terrariums

For anyone considering starting their own indoor garden, a moss terrarium is ideal. Not only does moss provide soothing shades of green and incredibly eye-catching textures, it is also unbelievably low maintenance. Once watered thoroughly, the micro-landscape of an enclosed moss terrarium requires next to nothing other than adequate light to keep it flourishing – even for months on end without watering. The moisture in the terrarium recyles as water vapor, returning regular moisture to the terrarium moss. (Scroll down to find terrarium supplier.)

Each terrarium kit includes three varieties of moss well suited for terrariums, and totaling one square foot (12" x 12"). For larger terrariums, simply order additional kits, or one of our moss sampler sets. If you have any extra moss, simply plant it outside!

Moss is also the ideal companion plant for pet reptiles or amphibians.

Terrarium Moss Kit (3 varieties of landscape-quality moss)
$19.95 ea. + shipping Add to cart

Add 2 lbs. of our special, lightweight terrarium-blend soil mix
$14.95 ea. + shipping Add to cart

Note: Mosses are often shipped dry in their dormant state to avoid molding during storage and transit. Simply water in thoroughly and they will turn an even more vibrant green in just a few hours.


Moss Grab Bag

The only guarantee with our newest product is that you won’t know what you are getting until it arrives! We provide an assortment of TEN uniquely different shade-loving moss species and include a bonus – “reindeer moss” (actually a lichen) as part of the package. The set contents will vary month-to-month, year-to-year and set is always full of fun surprises! This set is great for terrariums and fairy gardens.


A total of 2 sq. ft of various mosses packaged dry
$39 ea. + $6shipping Add to cart

IMPORTANT: These mosses are typically not available in large quantities, so if you are evaluating a site for the suitability of a sizable moss garden, we recommend ordering our Moss Sampler

Learn more about moss terrariums here

Terrariums for Moss

H. Potter terrariums include tabletop and free-standing options, so you're certain to find the style that is best suited to your space. Twenty unique styles available.

Moss Acres currently does not offer terrariums, but we can direct you to a supplier that is one of the only companies presently offering a varied selection. Terrariums are hard to come by these days, so if you see one you like, order it. Click here to see the terrariums that H. has to offer.

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