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Tabletop Japanese Zen Gardens – Bringing the vibrant colors and soothing textures of moss indoors.

Moss Acres announces its latest twist to moss gardening:
The Tabletop Zen GardenTable Top Japanese Zen Garden

Imagine lush ferns, distinctively green moss, and river-smoothed stones serenely arranged in a one-of-a-kind tabletop garden. For thousands of years Japanese Gardens have provided tranquility of mind and spirit.

Now Moss Acres' desktop zen gardens capture this serenity while shrinking it down in scale and creating the ideal small terrarium, low-maintenance style garden. The deep colors and forest floor textures of moss and ferns combine to form a tabletop zen garden that is incredibly lush and soothing to the senses.

Many gardeners have become interested in the natural beauty of moss for their outdoor landscapes. Now Moss Acres enables anyone the ability to bring these vibrant and soothing qualities of moss indoors.

The Tabletop Zen Garden can be placed anywhere there is indirect light, indoors or out. Care for your small terrarium garden is all but unnecessary, as the miniature eco-system self-circulates moisture through condensation within the contained environment (terrarium lid not pictured in photo). An infrequent watering as needed is all that is required, and since mosses receive all their necessary nutrients from the air, no fertilization is necessary.

Everything you need to create your own unique Tabletop Japanese Zen Garden is included:

  • 8” x 8” x 12” (tall) sealed plexi-glass terrarium
  • Charcoal for draining and filtering your mini eco-system
  • Proper soil medium
  • Miniature fern
  • Three or more varieties of mosses
  • Lichens
  • River stone
  • Wood and/or other forest floor materials
  • Other low growing, shade-loving groundcovers as available

How often do you or someone you know have the opportunity to create your own one of a kind conversation piece or unique gift? Take these elements and build your garden. Feel the unforgettable texture of the moss, get your hands dirty, and exercise your creative instincts. When you complete your Tabletop Zen Garden you will be amazed at the pleasure you have derived not only from observing the natural beauty of the miniature landscape, but from the self-satisfaction of having arranged it to match a restful scene from within your mind.

Set up:

The Tabletop Zen Garden should be positioned near a window with northern or eastern exposure, or somewhere else where it will receive indirect natural light. Southern or western exposures with direct sunlight are not recommended.

Set-up is very easy: Fill the bottom 2” of the terrarium with the charcoal, followed by the soil medium. It is highly recommended that the charcoal and soil be sloped on an angle to one side or one corner, as this will make the garden area larger and more visible. Next plant the fern so that the roots are covered below the soil, add the river rock(s) and then spread your emerald carpet of mosses. Accent with lichens and other materials as desired.

You will then have created an incredibly relaxing and one of a kind indoor garden feature for the home or office that also makes a great gift!

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