Tarumu Oasis Indoor Water Gardens & Tabletop Water Gardens

Do you or someone you know need to relax more often?Tabletop Zen Garden

Moss Acres combines all the elements of a peaceful mossy glade with a drifting fog, to produce a truly unique tabletop water garden that can be placed almost anywhere that is exposed to indirect light.

Experience Peaceful Relaxation - Transcend to a meditative frame of mind.

Tarumu in Japanese means relaxation, and this self-contained, miniature "eco-system" offers an incredibly soothing experience for the senses. Our indoor water gardens combine, natural rocks, lush moss and ferns, and drifting fog, to provide a relaxing feeling, that otherwise, can only be found in nature.

Since each rock formation is unique, and plantings are arranged following set up, each Tarumu Oasis tabletop water garden is one of a kind. Orchids or other interesting plants such as dwarf bamboo, can also be added to provide an even more exotic look for these indoor water gardens.

What is included?

  • Charcoal-black bowl (13" wide x 4" deep) with pedestal stand
  • Lava Rock and River Stones
  • Underwater Fogger with Low / High / Off control switch
  • Fern planted in pH neutral aquatic soil
  • Assorted clumps of Hypnum / Fern Moss (Thuidium), Rock Cap Moss (Dicranum) and Cushion Moss (Leucobryum)

What about maintenance, shipping & set-up?

Tarumu Oasis indoor water gardens are relatively self-sufficient. Water must be added into the tabletop fountain bowl on a regular basis however, as the fogging device will actually disperse significant amounts of water vapor into the porous rock and air, (a valuable benefit during dry winter months). This water vapor and saturated rock provide consistent moisture for the moss and ferns. The water level should be kept above the level of the fogging device.

Tarumu Oasis Japanese water gardens should be positioned near a window with northern or eastern exposure, or somewhere else where they will receive indirect natural light. Southern or western exposures with direct sunlight are not recommended. A nearby power outlet or extension cord will be needed to plug in the fogger.

Set-up is very easy: Position the fogger in the center of the bowl. Keep your fern plant in the black plastic container just as it arrived. Arrange lava rocks and river stones in bowl, these will provide interesting rock outcroppings and support the moss clumps. Fill the garden with water. Plug in and turn on the fogger. Within 20 minutes you will have created an incredibly relaxing indoor water garden feature for the home or office that also makes a great gift!

Tabletop water garden   $99.95 + shipping SOLD OUT
Shipping: $29 shipping

Tabletop Zen GardenTabletop Zen Garden
Moss Acres announces it's latest twist to moss gardening: The Tabletop Zen Garden

Imagine lush ferns, distinctively green moss, and river-smoothed stones serenely arranged in a one-of-a-kind tabletop garden. For thousands of years Japanese Gardens have provided tranquility of mind and spirit.

Now Moss Acres' Tabletop Zen Gardens capture this serenity while shrinking it down in scale and creating the ideal miniature desktop rock garden. The deep colors and forest floor textures of moss and ferns form an indoor container garden that is incredibly lush and soothing to the senses.

Many gardeners have become interested in the natural beauty of moss for their outdoor landscapes. Now Moss Acres offers small and large Tabletop Zen Gardens. These indoor/patio gardens offer anyone the opportunity to bring these restful forest floor plants into your home.

The Tabletop Zen Garden can be placed anywhere there is indirect light, indoors or out. Water your new indoor garden once a week and mist it frequently to enjoy rich contrasts of tranquil greens.

Everything you need to create your own unique indoor garden will be included:

  • A Japanese-Style ceramic bowl (flat black finish)
measures 8" across in diameter and 3" high.
measures 12" across in diameter and 4" high.
Tabletop Zen Garden Tabletop Zen Garden
  • The proper soil substrate for your garden.
  • An assortment of our Mosses
  • A Christmas Fern
  • River-smoothed stones
Tabletop Zen Garden - Large   $59 + shipping SOLD OUT
Shipping: $11 shipping (allow 5-7 days to arrive)
Tabletop Zen Garden - Small   $39 + shipping SOLD OUT
Shipping: $9 shipping (allow 5-7 days to arrive)
How often do you have the opportunity to create your own one of a kind conversation piece or unique gift? Take these elements and build your garden. Feel the unforgettable texture of the moss, get your hands dirty, and exercise your creative instincts. When you complete your Tabletop Zen Garden you will be amazed at the pleasure you have derived not only from observing the natural beauty of the miniature landscape, but from the self-satisfaction of having arranged it to match a restful scene from within your mind.



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