Terrarium Fairy Garden – A terrarium landscape comprised of moss

Table Top Japanese Zen GardenMoss Acres now offers a fairy garden terrarium or “zen garden” as we like to call it. Moss provides a soothing, miniature terrarium landscape – all that is needed is a good source of natural light or a grow light.

When it comes to a choice for good terrarium plants, moss is a natural. Its low profile, slow growth habit, and vibrant green color bring the peace and tranquility of a woodland shade garden indoors. For decorative plant terrariums or for the terrarium landscape, moss is unsurpassed in appearance and ease of maintenance, and it can even be used for frog terrariums or in any small reptile terrarium for that matter.

Mosses make incredibly good terrarium plants and dramatically enhance any terrarium landscape – particularly if you are trying to create the look and feel of a fairy garden terrarium. Just remember moss does require a fair amount of natural light indoors – even some occasional direct sunlight is fine. Don’t put it in area that is not near a window unless you are able to use a quality grow light.

Find out more details about how to order a terrarium fairy garden of moss and ferns.



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