Moss covered decorative wall panels – ideal for any vertical garden

A vertical garden can be a challenging project – relatively complex structural supports are often needed, and the costs can be high.

Moss Acres is presently working on providing an alternative system for vertical gardens that is much simpler, easier to install, and more cost-effective. Best of all, once it is developed it will be visually unique beyond compare.  If you are considering planning a living wall project with moss, we suggest you contact us for up to date information on our research and product development.  Unfortunately we don't currently expect to have a system commercially available until at least the summer of 2010. But please contact us by phone or email so we can update you as soon as our system becomes available.

Moss is an ideal choice where a vertical garden is planned, and an irrigation matrix can easily be added if needed. By creating a vertical garden in this manner, a building owner or manager will not only save upfront and ongoing maintenance costs, but will create a visually stunning wall in the process.

Moss is an ideal covering for decorative wall panels and a logical choice for any vertical garden for many reasons:

  • A vertical garden comprised of moss is lightweight, so the amount of structural support is minimal – no soil is needed.
  • Vertical gardens blanketed in moss require no fertilizing, chemicals or trimming, and often won’t require watering once established outdoors.
  • A vertical garden wall covered with moss is economical.
  • Moss thrives in lower light levels – typical at many indoor and outdoor green wall locations.

The compact growth habit and vivid, yet soothing colors of moss greatly enhance the visual dynamics of any vertical garden project.

Once in place, a vertical garden comprised of moss can have ferns and other accent plantings added, but in many settings, it is the simplicity of a blanket of moss all by itself that most enhances a vertical garden, and really catches the eye.

So the next time you are considering how to best design a vertical garden, why not consider one of natures most hardy and adaptable plants…

Moss –A Natural for living walls or green roofs.



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